Entering the Art Zone was Created Specifically for the Barber

Entering the Art Zone was created specifically for the barber and you to develop a mind-set to become, extraordinary!

Our mission is to educate and equip barbers and stylists around the world with the necessary skills needed to be proficient in every facets of men's hair.

We teach students, licensed barbers and cosmetologists the art and secrets to master clipper cutting, while demonstrating many tricks and techniques not taught in schools.

Barbering has evolutionized into a new generation of cutting edge style's that requires more blending and finishing. As seen on T.V., Billboards, and Magazines, today's look is more Urban in style and "Entering the Art Zone" teaches you how to work with any hair texture or type with precision and accuracy. The fact is, Hair is Hair, and as a professional you shouldn't have any problems with differences in hair textures and types.

There are many styles and techniques used in barbering such as, scissor cutting, clipper over comb, razor cutting, but the most commonly used today is the clipper cutting technique.

Stylists and Barbers are embracing a new way to learn advanced clipper-cutting techniques without having to enroll in a time-consuming class. Since its launch in January 2006, this powerful training tool has received an overwhelming response from professionals.

With the rapid growth of the men’s grooming industry, you need to keep up with the ever changing styles and trends.

Many Industry Professionals are very amazed at how Entering The ArtZone is so detailed in its teachings. Most of the techniques used within the academy are ADVANCED clipper cutting techniques, but is explained where the beginner can easily comprehend. In actuality there are many blending techniques demonstrated where master barbers who have been cutting for years, have implemented in their daily routine and are very surprised by the end results.

Do not be fooled by the similarity in the way you are use to fading. Pay very close attention to each tutorial segment, which is very detailed and will help you tremendously.

The lessons included on our Entering The ArtZone Academy, are designed to teach you how to fade hair. Featuring Man hair style and man hair cut, demonstrating many Fohawks, Taper Fade Haircut techniques, Skin Fades (Bald fade), Half Fade, Brooklyn Fade, clipper over comb, Blowout hairstyles, temple fades, beard shaping, outlining, and many picture of man hair style. Problems and solutions, Texturizers, and also tricks and clipper cutting techniques not traditionally practiced in the industry.

Entering The ArtZone teaches the most advanced clipper cutting techniques in an easy to follow step-by-step format. The response and testimonials are overwhelming.

Our techniques are taught by true artists licensed with many years of experience, learned through countless trial and error. It would take you years of working in the field to acquire many of these techniques.

If your intentions are to master clipper cutting, this video is a must have!

We encourage you to join our community to interact with Industry Professionals, and at the same time, keep up with the latest trends and styles!